10 Commandments Visual

I want to make a folder game (or some such thing) about the 10 Commandments. I'd like to have a picture representing each one, but I didn't find anything on my quick Google search. Does anyone know a site where I can print pictures for each of the commandments? I want something more than "two tablets" with a list. Thanks for any leads!
  • grandmadiane
    I don't know what age you are looking at addressing with this but here are a few places that might help:






    Here are a few ideas and I know there are some unusable ideas but I believe there might be something you can use as a jump off point. Please let me know if this helps and post what you come up with =)
    by grandmadiane at 06/27/12 11:04AM
  • aleta
    I found these online several years ago and cannot remember the link at all! It began with Google image search. I can email them to you for clearer pictures. I have them saved as jpg images. I had to compromise on the Sabbath (a calendar) and not taking God's name in vain. You can see the artist signature and date of their work. Let me know if you want them through an email. My address is [email protected]

    No other gods before me:


    Do not make any graven images:

    Do not take My name in vain:

    Remember the Sabbath:


    Honor Parents:

    Do not kill:

    Do not commit adultery:

    Do not steal:

    Do not covet:

    Do not bear false witness:

    by aleta at 06/27/12 1:29PM
  • bestill
    I made exactly what you're talking about. We were using Bible Study Guide for All Ages and I used their visuals for mine. I don't think you can buy just the visuals, though. They were in the teachers' binders and were copyrighted but available for use by the purchaser.
    by bestill at 06/28/12 5:42AM
  • praguer
    Thanks for the help! I'll check out the references and report back. :) Oh, and I'm looking for this for a 3- and 5- year old.
    by praguer at 07/01/12 5:05AM
  • quincysmom
    I found this while looking on pinterest. Looks interesting - http://www.bibleclasscreations.blogspot.com/2012/06/10-commandments-on-your-hands.html
    by quincysmom at 07/02/12 1:30PM
  • praguer
    Well, I'm finally reporting back on this. Better late than never, right? :)

    Thank you to Aleta for sending the pictures!

    I also ended up making some sorting cards from:
    I'm not thrilled with all the pictures, but I think they are OK.

    I thought these "memory pegs" were interesting, but I haven't done anything with them. Yet. :)

    These graphics were kind-of interesting. Nothing special, but I think they have some use:

    And here are some basic worksheets on the 10 commandments:

    Thanks again, everyone, and I hope this helps!
    by praguer at 03/31/13 11:41AM