moses striking the rock

Okay, another one since you all gave me such good ideas on my last post. How about some activities for the story of Moses striking the rock and getting water? for 3 and 4 year olds...

I'm fine with telling the story but always have such a hard time coming up with ideas for an activity or craft to do based on the story. Hardly any of them like to just color, so I can only give them so many color sheets. Any ideas would be appreciated :)
  • homeschoolmomma23
    I take a clip are picture of Moses, cut it out. Cut out a staff from wood grained contact paper and a mountain from rock contact paper. They become like stickers. I cut out a stream of water out of blue construction paper. Put it together for a good visual picture for the kids to make of the story. I tend to do things like this for almost every lesson for this age and younger-for non readers and writers. As we put the picture together, we tell the story again to reinforce what they are learning. I put completed pictures on the wall to use for review.
    by homeschoolmomma23 at 08/02/10 11:49AM
  • mladyman
    Got a yard you can take the kids to during the class? Fill a big balloon (the bigger, the better -- Dollar Tree has very big and very cheap ones) with water, then cover it with a paper bag made up to look like a rock (no HEB logos, please!). Get a big stick. Walk the kids through the yard, talking about them moving about in the wilderness, and have the kids whine and complain that they need water. When the time is right, strike your "rock" with your big stick, and water will come out! You will have to explain that enough water came out to take care of around 2 million people, but the visual works!
    by mladyman at 08/02/10 11:51AM
  • mladyman
    And the take-home above is brilliant!
    by mladyman at 08/02/10 11:51AM
  • granny
    I might recommend driving a thin nail through the wood to the other side of your stick so as to make sure the balloon does pop when you hit the rock. I must try this good idea!
    by granny at 08/03/10 7:35AM
  • brannie
    You could get clipart of Moses, Rock and Staff...let the kids color moses if they want... cut a staff from brown construction paper and rock from gray construction paper..glue them all on one page and cut blue tissue paper squares for them to glue on to represent the water. I did sometihng similar to this with my 4&5 year old class, and they loved it!
    by brannie at 08/03/10 8:50AM