VBS- The Story of Esther- IDEAS???

I'm teaching two nights of our VBS on Esther. First with a class of 3 year olds and the next night with 4-5 year olds. Does anyone have any ideas or great activities I can make or do with kids in this age range?

  • mladyman
    Maybe the younger kids but definitely the older ones: Act it out! Hit a garage sale with clothes for sale, and buy some colorful men's or women's shirts -- the prettier and/or gaudier the better. Dollar Tree has cheap gaudy jewelry, or if you can get some mardi gras beads, those work well. You can make crowns, or I've actually had great results using Christmas tree garlands. Now you've got fancy clothes, jewelry, and crowns. Then you tell the story while the kids act it out. Get a "ham" to play Haman. If you don't want to do the whole story, do the banquet scene and let each girl have a chance to be Esther and each boy be either the King or Haman.
    by mladyman at 06/11/08 7:42AM
  • mladyman
    I've had great success making "golden" goblets out of empty plastic soda bottles, the small ones. Cut the bottom of the bottle off, so what you have is the neck and the middle of the bottle. Glue the neck to a round piece of thick cardboard. Spray paint it gold; decorate with fake jewels if you so desire. Instant cheap goblet, perfect for a feast!
    by mladyman at 06/11/08 7:44AM
  • mladyman
    I have a good Esther review game. This is a little more complicated, but a lot of fun. Take two pieces of posterboard, one white and one yellow. Draw a simple outline of a crown on both of them, as large as you can make it, and cut them out. The two crowns, one white and one yellow, should be identical.

    Divide the crown up in however many questions you want to ask -- let's say ten. So draw lines on the white crown dividing it up into ten spaces, and write ten questions on the crown, one in each space. That's the bottom crown; tack it to the wall. Now, cut up the yellow crown into the exact ten spaces, so that each piece fits like a puzzle piece on top of an area on the white crown. The idea is that as each kid answers a question correctly, he or she gets to fasten the piece of the yellow crown to the white crown, to make "Esther's crown." You might even decorate the yellow crown pieces with glittery stickers or jewels or something, to make it pretty. Once everyone has answered their question, you have a beautiful crown! (I use sticky tack to attach the pieces.) This is a little bit of work to do, but the kids usually love to play it over and over. Good review game.
    by mladyman at 06/11/08 7:52AM
  • mereme
    Slightly veering off topic: I've just been listening to the Revive Our Hearts women's Bible class radio show, in a recent series studying Esther. If you're interested in a little background study.
    by mereme at 06/11/08 12:55PM