Stacey King's father Ronald Walker passed away this morning Please keep this dear family in your prayers

Just wanted to post this so that prayers can be offered for this dear family who has suffered so deeply since both Stacey & her father Ronald's battle with cancer in 2005. They both along with family have been in my prayers & heart since then. Sandra's heart has been heavy with fear for her husband and daughter, but I know that she has given God stay to place her fears at rest many times over the years. What a dear strong woman of God, and encourager of her family. Please keep her in your prayers, as she endures the loss of the man she shared her life with for so long. Stacey has encouraged our daughter-in-law Holly during her battle with cancer while going through another battle with her own cancer. What an example to others, thank you Stacey. And Stacey's brother Todd has been so delegent in keeping us updated on how his father and sister have done over the years.

Here is the email from Todd Walker today:
Update #16 on Ronald Walker - March 11, 2009

Dad passed away at 3:10 am this morning at the St. Vincent Hospice. His battle with the horrible disease of cancer is over and he is now resting in paradise. I will send out another email once visitation and funeral arrangements have been finalized. On behalf of our family, I want to say "Thank You" for all of the prayers, visits, cards, sunshine baskets, well wishes, and support throughout his long illness! We appreciate it so much!


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