Surgery date scheduled for Holly for tumor removal


This was very discouraging for all of us. What we thought was going to be a biopsy ended up being a appointment with the surgeon to discuss the surgery. He didn't want to go any further until he talked to them, which is reasonable. The CT scan showed that the Lymph glads thus far are not affected by the tumor. Right now the tumor is self contained. He explained to them that the tumor is a large one which the bottom of it lays agains the main nerve in her arm. The top of it lays against the main artery that runs into the arm. Injury to both is a possibility. He said he wished that he could tell them for sure that it was just a fatty tumor, but it could be breast cancer or Lymphoma. In that case the lymph glands will be removed. After talking with our sister-in-law who had breast cancer 19 yrs. ago, she reasured me that there are a lot of glands in the area they removed 17 of hers along with the breast. Holly is blessed to have an aunt that can encourage her along the way. We are praying for the tumor to be a fatty tumor. Please continue to pray for Holly. Here is her email and address to send her notes of encouragement I can't begin to tell you how much it means to them. [email protected] 1211 E Pine Fort Scott, KS 66701

It breaks my heart that they have had such a struggle. Chuck's back, the loss of his job and now this new health threat to Holly. I can say that they have a spirit of acceptance and knowledge that God will be with them through anything. Just living in a 500 sq foot guest house for over a year is amazing to me. Chuck is now preaching on Sunday for a small congregation in Nevada, MO which is a blessing and Chuck will only grow from the study and each time he preaches will only enhance his abilities to do so. We appreciate the members there for having Chuck. Financially it is a blessing also.

My flight back to KS is on the 16th the Tues. that Holly has her surgery. I know her mom & dad will try to be there. So maybe Grandpa can bring the girls with him to pick Grandma up at the airport. That will also give Holly's parents time to spend with their daughter. We will see. Please continue to pray for our family as we all go through this with Holly & Chuck, that we can each be a strength and comfort to them all.