Urgent prayer request for Holly Griffin & tumor

Hi Everyone

This is very difficult for me and dear to my heart especially. Our daughter-in-law Holly found a mass on the front side and under her arm a month or so ago. She had her sonogram this morning, they sent her into have a mamogram right after. Which showed a 8 cm tumor, she will need a biopsy to see if it is cancer. The Radiologist told her that he has never seen a tumor this large on a woman her age and that he was very concerned about it. I will let you all know as soon as I know more. I told Holly this morning that everything would be ok, and told her if it isn't ok, then they will find what is needed and treat it and make it ok. Please keep Holly and Chuck in your prayers. As well as thier two little girls Presley 2 & Avery 19 months. If you would send Holly notes of encouragement It would be so good for her. Holly has grown spiritually over the last few years by leaps and bounds. She & Chuck celebrate their 4th aniversary on Thanksgiving Day! Here is Holly's email address: [email protected] or send her a card at our address 1702 E 2nd Street Fort Scott, KS 66701 & I'll get them to her. Please Please pray.

Love & Prayers

  • ashfields
    so sorry to hear...but will be prayerful it is benign.
    by ashfields at 11/25/08 7:39PM
  • joc
    I've prayed for her.
    by joc at 11/26/08 12:51AM
  • singforjoy
    Saying a prayer for her right now.
    by singforjoy at 11/26/08 6:04AM