For my little guy

My 6 yr old son Nathan will be having surgery for the removal of his tonsils, adenoids and the insertion of two ear tubes this coming Friday (November 14th)

Please, please keep him in your prayers that all will go well before, during and after.

I know this is kind of 'routine' and they perform them every day, but this is the first time any of my babies will actually be undergoing an actual surgery.

- Thanks in advance.

Sincerely, Jennifer Stewart
  • singforjoy
    Aw, poor little guy! Nathan will definitely be in my prayers.
    by singforjoy at 11/10/08 8:10PM
  • jenlew21
    Yuck...prayin all goes well!
    by jenlew21 at 11/13/08 8:56PM
  • moe
    you guys are in my prayers
    by moe at 08/22/09 6:58PM