Genesis door ideas EDIT with pictures

After the first of the year I will be teaching Genesis to the 2-4 grade class. Does anyone have any good ideas for door decorations?

Here is my room. Thanks for all the help
In the corner you can see the Family Tree of Abraham. As we study a new charcter we had them to the tree if he belongs there.
This BB we also add to as we go along. Each "arrow" has a Bible character that we have studied on it and the kids put it on the target where they think it should go.
On this one I just put several firsts found in Genesis
This is actually on the wall. I had decided that I wanted the kids to learn the Bible Time Periods this quarter, so I put my Cricut to work cutting out all the words!! :)
This is my door. I wanted to emphasize creation and how powerful and awesome God was for creating all that we see!! I used pictures of nature scenes from calendars.
  • teelduo
    I will have to remember to go through some old stuff at the church building and get back to you on this.
    by teelduo at 10/23/08 3:19PM
  • bradford_rebekah
    are you limited to only the door?
    by bradford_rebekah at 10/23/08 4:33PM
  • bradford_rebekah
    how manny boards or walls are available? There is a wealth of information in Genesis.
    by bradford_rebekah at 10/23/08 4:35PM
  • deanne
    I have several ideas for the walls and the bulletin boards in the room - I even plan on hanging planets and christmas lights (for stars) from the ceiling. I'm having a hard time coming up with something neat for the door.
    by deanne at 10/23/08 5:12PM
  • bradford_rebekah
    how about a family tree from Adam to Noah to Joseph or from Terah (Abraham's father) to Joseph on the inside of the door. This could also be helpful to show your class the generations. Title -- A Special Family takes part in God's Plan
    by bradford_rebekah at 10/25/08 9:57PM
  • didow
    I have used an inside door decoration so the kids could see it when the door was closed. You probably know this but if not, here's the reasoning behind it. Sin is an archery term that means to miss the mark. A sin in archery is when the arrow misses it's mark (the bull's eye).

    On the inside of the door I put a large target made with white and red concentric circles (like the Target store logo). Each time we read about someone, we added an arrow. If the person had sinned, their arrow landed around the target. If the person was not mentioned as having sinned, their arrow pointed right at the bull's eye.

    This can be continued for a quarter or for as long as there is interest or room on the door. I hope it is a visual the kids will remember every time they read about these people in the future.
    by didow at 10/25/08 10:23PM
  • teachin2kids
    There is a plethora if info in Genesis to pick one topic to do a door. I would do something like the OSH has for the timeline.... Before the world Began...God had a Great Plan... Maybe have a paper/scroll rolled out that has pictures or Genesis written on it and then the list of stories that take place in Genesis.! I just finished teaching this topic to 4-5 year olds. From Creation through Noah and then Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Esau and then Joseph.... that will be a tough choice! But you have your cricut... I think the scroll thing would work. You could even do 3-D scroll centers with paper towel centers or something o the sort...
    by teachin2kids at 10/26/08 11:49PM
  • teachin2kids
    Maybe even shrink coloring page sheets and place these pictures beside the names of the stories you will cover! You can have a large hand that is writing the titles of the stories...after they came from GOd! was His plan! Oh, yes, I will sketch the idea and add it to my files for sure!!
    by teachin2kids at 10/26/08 11:51PM
  • deanne
    Okay, I start teaching in a couple of weeks so this is what I have decided on doing for the walls and doors:
    -In one corner I am going to make a huge tree and put the family tree of Abraham on it (starting with Adam and going through the 12 sons of Jacob)
    -In another section of the wall I am going to put a list of the Bible Time Periods...I have decided to have the kids work on memorizing these.
    -On one BB I am going to use your suggestion and have a bulleyes and each lesson we are going to add arrow for each person.
    -One the other BB I am going to title it "Genesis: A Book of Firsts" and as we come to a "first" we are going to add it to the board
    -Along one wall I am going to start a timeline of Genesis and add pictures as we go
    -Since we are going to study creation, I am going to hang the solar system from the ceiling and use a strand of white lights as stars
    -On my door I am going to cut out "Our God is an Awesome God" and put pictures of God's creation (pictures from free calendars)

    Thanks for all the wonderful ideas......I will post pictures as soon as I can.
    by deanne at 01/05/09 10:33PM
  • deanne
    I finally remember to take my camera. So I have updated this posted with pictures.
    by deanne at 02/13/09 8:22AM
  • didow
    Thanks for posting pictures. They look great.
    by didow at 03/20/09 12:00AM