ESV 2007 Update

I recently discovered that the ESV underwent a revision in 2007. While there is not a note indicating such on the spine or cover of these new Bibles, the Copyright page of the newest editions does indicate ESV Text Edition: 2007.

If you're interested in comparing the original (2001) with the revision, check out...

* The Pentateuch* Joshua - Esther* Job - Song of Solomon* Isaiah - Malachi* Matthew - Acts* Romans - Philemon* Hebrews - Revelation
...via Rick Mansfield.

If you use the Libronix Digital Library System (which comes free on CD with the purchase of most ESV bibles) as a way to integrate the ESV text into a word processor or PowerPoint, you can go here to update your software to the 2007 edition.
  • dominic
    Definitely an improvement. My wife has the updated version. We didn't even know we had different ones (hers was purchased relatively shortly after mine). We first noticed when I was making a big deal about how the Greek in a verse in Mark could be translated better. Jen spoke up and said, "um... the ESV DOES translate it that way." I though, "hmm, how did I miss that?" Turns out, the updated one changed it to the better reading. lol Mostly, though, its just fixed some of the archaism that crept in to the ESV (there are still a number to get rid of, though).
    by dominic at 03/27/09 8:25PM