why gold?

pleonast gold is a way for you to become an integral part of the pleonast community. by purchasing a gold subscription, you help pay for the running costs of the site, as well as gaining access to a host of extended features that make your experience here even better.

being a gold user has many advantages, here are some highlights:

  • browse pleonast ad-free
  • create and administer groups, where people come together based on common interests
  • have total privacy in your entries, friends list, rooms, galleries and links (only visible to your friends and hidden from search engines)

a few of the new gold features in pleonast 3.0:

  • receive a message when someone links to you in an entry or comment
  • private galleries
  • "follow" entries - be alerted when someone comments

for a complete list of gold features, see here.

gold subscriptions start at as low as $2.75 per month, and can also be given as a gift to other users (gold users get a 10% discount on gift subscriptions!)

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